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FOOD BLOCKS for the Zone Diet grouped into Paleo and non Paleo choices. Listed below are portion sizes of proteins, carbohydrates and fats equal to one block

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Vanilla ice cream low fat: 1/2 cup. 67

Crack two eggs in a bowl, discarding the yolks. (re-use these if you want!). Give the whites a quick whisk with a fork to add some air. Add the smoked salmon, pepper

The paleo diet is based on the belief that a diet of wild s and plants consumed during the Paleolithic era (about 10,000 years ago) is the healthiest

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While many nutrition bars are wholesome snacks, some are basically junk food. We scoured supermarket shelves to find the best and the worst bars on the

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Prunes, ¼ cup Pumpkin, (limit—high GI) 1 cup cooked Quinoa, ½ cup cooked Raisins, ¼ cup Raspberries, 1 cup Rice, brown, cooked ½ cup Roll, whole wheat or rye, 1

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You can’t go wrong with this classic gin fizz cocktail recipe. It’s uncomplicated, fresh, light, and timeless.

Fact: Gin is the best clear spirit on your bar. Its herbal flavor lends itself to refreshing cocktails from gimlets and punches to smashes and martinis.

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Speakeasy style bar in the heart of Belltown with custom cocktails. You can find us between 1st and 2nd off Blanchard ST in Gin Alley, No reservations. We love Gin

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