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Oral Thrush. If you happen to notice a white spot on the throat, you may be developing oral thrush. This condition is caused by a yeast infection in the mouth.

White spots on throat may occur as a result of bacterial, viral, yeast infection or due to calcified clusters on them. Streptococcal angina often causes throat white

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Liver spot; A 10 mm liver spot (solar lentigo) on the forearm of a 66-year-old woman: Classification and external resources; Specialty: dermatology: ICD-10

A lump in back of throat that appear suddenly is in most cases caused by an injury or infection. The lump could be white, red or yellow in color. It could feel hard

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ney infection — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention.

Are bumps in the back of the throat normal? Bumps in the back of the throat are an indication of a certain type of throat irritation, which itself is a sign that your

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Apr 13, 2015 · Strep Throat. Strep throat is a contagious bacterial condition that causes white spots in the throat. This painful condition can cause swollen tonsils with

Before we look at why people have white dots or spots and patches on their tongue, we have included a few white spot on tongue pictures (images or photos) to help you

White spots on skin may appear due to various skin conditions: vitiligo, pituriasis versicolor and others. Some light spots can be successfully treated, others

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What causes sores on tongue? Get insights on the reasons for sores on side of the tongue, surface, tip or back. Could it be canker sores, STD or a tongue infection?

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