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Polytek’s PlatSil Gel product line consists of two 1A:1B platinum silicone rubbers with a 5-6 minute working time that cure in 30 minutes to a Shore A~10 hardness

Bentley Advanced Materials carries full lines of RTV addition-cure and condensation-cure silicone rubber for mould making and other applications

Read about the process, Check out the Instructions for the Face Casting Kit. Check out our Article on Pregnancy Casting and other Life Casting

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Intro: Lifecasting – Hands. One of the engineers I work with was fascinated by a hand casting booth at the 2005 Ann Arbor Art Fairs. The operator would, for a nominal

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May 07, 2013 · Video embedded · For complete instructions on silicone body casting, get our new DVD Lifecasting 102:

The Monster Makers Flexible Mold-Making Compounds are suitable for making molds that will flex around undercuts and allow for maximum detail reproduction. Our

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Easy to use, quick and economical alginates or professional grade skin-safe silicone rubber. > Product List

Platinum cure silicone, also called addition cure silicone, are two-component high tear strength and flexible mold or casting compounds. They are recommended as a

Jan 02, 2008 · Video embedded · In this lifecasting tutorial video, we demondtrate making a silicone rubber mold of a ‘s face using Smooth-On’s Body Double silicone rubber. Body

Your source for superior lifecasting supplies Please call us at (855) 773-0460 (toll-free in the US & Canada) if: You’ve got questions about products or procedures

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