German Amateur Radio

Ham Radio Software links for all modes and communications. Software for the Amateur (Ham) radio operator.

What is QsoNet? English German Portuguese Spanish Italian Korean Japanese QsoNet uses the internet to receive audio signals from

Some basics. Cavity filters are the basic circuitry behind a Duplexer and are sharply tuned resonant circuit that allow only certain frequencies to pass.

DXsoftHAM radio software – Programs for amateur radio Our news. 17 Jun 2017 CwType v2.30 was released. 04 Jan 2017 SeaTTY v2.55 was released

German Amateur Radio 22

German Amateur Radio 55

German Amateur Radio 74

Most countries’ amateur radio licences allow licensed operators to install and use radio transmission equipment while at sea. Such operation is known as maritime

German Amateur Radio 47

German Amateur Radio 100

The CQ100 HF Transceiver: LICENSED HAMS – CLICK HERE FOR 30 DAY FREE TRIAL! Features and Specifications:

German Amateur Radio 94

German Amateur Radio 60

German Amateur Radio 38

German Amateur Radio 72

USA AMATEUR RADIO HISTORY AND LICENSING For Broadcast Radio/TV History — click here. For History of Communications-Electronics in The United States Navy — Click Here

German Amateur Radio 120

NG3K Provided Resources: Announced DX Operations Jul22 (Search ADXO) Now with links to the DX Watch spot database for active operations! Contest Operations, Calendars

The Win-Test Contest Logger has an application programming interface (API), which allows the user to control the radio or Win-Test functions with LUA scripts.

Traditional amateur radio (ham radio) from the classic radios to the latest resources. Let’s Radio!

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