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Karen Johnson-Weiner shares a photo of homemade Amish soap, the work of a Swartzentruber Amish woman.

Old Amish recipes for easy Amish cooking. These Amish food recipes are old, authentic and easy to make. Bake, Preserve and Cook your way into an Amish kitchen.

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This is a great way to fry that chicken without all of the splatter on top of the stove. A good recipe, and I think it is good cold too.

Home page for The Amish Outlaws, an Amish cover band playing all genres of music.

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Discover how the Amish consume 4,000 calories a day and maintain their weight.

A recipe for Amish meatloaf topped with bacon strips and a ketchup glaze that I had while in Amish country in Holmes County, Ohio.

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Normally, when butter comes out of a churn, it is pumped through tubes where it is turned into quarter pieces or one pound solids. What that process does is break

I live in a wonderful Amish community and the ladies here are wonderful cooks. This is a lovely cole slaw recipe for those who like slaw without mayonnaise.

My whole family loves this recipe, even my husbands family loves it! This came from an Amish family in Indiana.

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An amazing old Amish formula that stops nighttime leg cramps in about 1 minute.

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