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If you watch bodybuilding competitions from the 70’s, posing suits were consistently bigger covering your genitalia propperly and decently. As time went by, posing

Sexual health is important to us all, and should be something to look forward to. Fitting work, chores, diet and exercise, and all the other stuff that has to be done

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A comprehensive site by Lori V. Braun. Includes training and nutrition advice, galleries and links.

Find thousands of free exercise guides, fitness shows, and other bodybuilding and health-related videos from the industry leader in health and fitness.

Dorian Yates Discusses Bodybuilding Training: Never-Before Published Insights! Unlike any other sport on the planet, bodybuilding is a game that requires tremendous

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I was contacted recently by an individual who wanted to do his first ever Men’s physique contest. In one of his first couple emails he sort of chuckled and said “I

I was hesitant to write this article because I don’t need anyone screwing with this unless they know exactly what they’re doing!! But lets face it, people are going

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